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I Help Women Overcome Fear, Uncertainty, And Doubt Surrounding Crypto

Become a DAO founder and access 5 masterclasses on crypto, paired with support, accountability, and guidance from Natalie, plus a special bonus.

Join The Revolution

What You Get

Everything You Need To Be Set for Life in Crypto

It's not just about making the right investments. It's not even just about the education. CryptoFemme Collection is five comprehensive crypto masterclasses in one + 1 bonus privacy & security mini-bootcamp + exclusive accountability, support, and access to Natalie and her team. We're not going to let you fail.


Weekly group calls to answer questions about the education modules and practical assignments.


Private Facebook group, Telegram chat, and Discord channel (coming soon).


Premium (tier 2) access to the CryptoFemme DAO on Discord (coming soon).



CryptoFemme Collection is more than just a comprehensive mentorship program. In addition to educating women in crypto, your iNFT access to the program also gives you premium (tier 2) membership to the CryptoFemme DAO.

As a 'decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), CryptoFemme will be completely democratized on the blockchain, and 100% owned by its members! For now, the mission is to provide members with access to an education that makes crypto exciting and easily understandable — Even for the most uncertain or overwhelmed of beginners.

But that's just the beginning...



May 26:

CryptoFemme Official Launch Party

One small step for us, one giant step for the future of women in crypto. We're bringing crypto to one million women by 2030, and we're just getting started. (Plus, get early access to the CryptoFemme Collection at a discount!)


Founder's Discount: ISO Beta Testers

July 16:

CryptoFemme Collection Beta Launch (Tier 2)

Be among the first to receive lifetime access to our ever-evolving crypto education and mentorship program. Oh yeah -- Since this program will be built on a web3 LMS, you will be receive reward token payouts just for going completing modules and sections within the program (beta testers will be paid out retroactively). Plus, you also get tier 2 premium membership to the CryptoFemme DAO (coming 4th quarter 2022).


July 25:

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life... 

Class is now in session. Weekly accountability calls, homework assignments, and more will supplement the educational modules you'll find in your online membership portal. We will vote on good dates/times for group calls in our premium CFC Facebook group. For those who can't make the weekly calls, replays will be available!


CryptoFemme CASH: DAO Launch & Giveaway

September 3:

We're Giving Back to the Community

In addition to access to education and mentorship, CryptoFemme Collection also is your ticket to the CryptoFemme DAO. In celebration of our launch, we're giving away CryptoFemme ($FEMIA) rewards tokens to our members verified on Discord!


CryptoFemme Collection: Public Sale

October 1:

CryptoFabulous Beta Launch

Limited to graduates of CFC (or those who test out), CryptoFabulous is a private membership for intermediate and advanced-level women in crypto. Membership comes with tier 3 access to the CryptoFemme DAO, and a number of monthly resources, trainings, and private events. You can opt-in to try CryptoFabulous upon purchase of the CryptoFemme Collection presale deal.


CryptoFemme Collection: Public Sale

October 1:

No More Discounted Access

At this point, the curriculum will be refined and the group education structure will be optimized. All of this improvement comes at a cost, and the price for a full education, lifetime access to the courses, and tier 2 access to the CryptoFemme DAO will be around $2497.


CryptoFemme Collection: Affiliate Launch

October 8:

Earn Commission in Crypto or Cash

One million successful women in crypto isn't going to happen overnight, but positive word of mouth for our program will make it happen so much faster. To sweeten the deal, we'll pay you back in cash or crypto every time you tell someone about the mentorship program!

NOTE: A portion of sale proceeds go to the DAO treasury and to its members in the form of $FEMIA (the CryptoFemme reward token), which is earned by volunteering at events, mentoring beginners, and simply completing modules and sections of the education programs!



January 2:

Public Launch: CryptoFabulous Maven's Mastermind (Tier 3)

At this point, we'll probably have at least a few dozen (or a few hundred) savvy intermediate and advanced crypto ladies active in the DAO and on Discord. We've got you covered! Join the monthly mastermind program for access to pre-sales, private sales, and more.

NOTE: This is not for beginners. Access will be limited to women who completed, or tested out of the CryptoFemme Collection program!


January 8:

CryptoFabulous on the Blockchain

CryptoFabulous Mastermind members will receive tier 3 'Maven' access in the CryptoFemme DAO, which comes with increased DAO voting rights, monetary perks, and more.

NOTE: Unlike many DAOs out there, CryptoFemme DAO is not 'pay to play'. Members are rewarded based on levels of education and crypto experience!


Summer 2023:

CryptoFemme: Coming to a City Near You

CryptoFemme was founded in Austin, but it's not limited to Austin. As we build a thriving community of women in crypto, it's inevitable that we launch local chapters in other cities. We hope to be live in a second city by summer of 2023.


Fall 2023:

CryptoFemme DAO Expansion & Restructure

As our community grows, our voices and interests will become more diversified. The expansion and restructure, forecasted for 3rd quarter 2023, will seek to empower and cater to those voices and interests. After all, CryptoFemme isn't about what its founders want: It's about what its members want.


Winter 2023:

B-Corp Certification

If its in alignment with what CryptoFemme members want, we will apply for B-Corp certification 4th quarter 2023.

Learn what a B-Corp is here.


Spring 2024:

CryptoFemme Certification (Tier 4) + VIP NFT Collection Launch (presale access available to VIP card holders)

More info coming soon!


Fall 2024:

Industry Partnerships & Member Job Boards

Eventually CryptoFemme will becomes a nationally recognized and respected DAO in the crypto space. As early as 3rd quarter 2024 we may be in a place to broker partnerships with blockchain startups and their founders, and share job postings with certified members, who may qualify to launch new careers in crypto.


Summer 2026:

Blockchain Startup Incubator for Female Founders

This is pretty far down the road, but eventually we foresee developing some pretty amazing influencers, innovators, and disruptors in the crypto space. As our DAO grows in membership, resources, and influence in the space, why not host an annual incubator to mentor, develop, and potentially invest in our members' crypto startup ideas...



Join us in Our Quest to Bring Crypto to One Million Women by 2030!



Beyond that? CryptoFemme is a DAO, created by its members and for its members, so the rest is up to you!

Invest in Our Vision, and in Your Growth

As much as we love to think about and plan for the future, we still live in the present, and the fact of the matter is that 16% of men and only 7% of women are winning in crypto. Let's change that!

The CryptoFemme Collection Presale (Beta Access)

This lifetime access is to the collection of 5 courses + 1 bonus bootcamp comes at a heavily discounted price. Join us in beta testing the program!

It's not Just About the Education...

Purchasing the CryptoFemme Collection Mentorship program also gives you the added bonus of tier 2 access to the CryptoFemme DAO (upon graduation of the program) + Early access to the CryptoFabulous Maven's Mastermind coming January 2023!

Free Facebook Community

Not sure if learning how to safely and profitably invest in crypto is right for you? Join our free Facebook community for now. Remember though: When beta access to the CryptoFemme Collection ends, the price will double!

  • Why Join the CryptoFemme Collection Mentorship?


    There's a lot of free education online, but you don't know who to listen to or who to trust.

    With the CryptoFemme Collection Mentorship, not only do you get reliable, up to date information -- You also get accountability and support as you go through the program!

    Reason #2

    You've already invested some money crypto, but you're not sure what to do next, how to monitor and manage your crypto, and even how to easily prepare for taxes.

    This program will help you overcome all of these obstacles and more. Join dozens of other like-minded women in beta testing it!

    Reason #3

    You're tired of listening to advice from your best guy friend, who probably doesn't know as much about crypto as he thinks!

    The goal of this program is for you to become self-sufficient in crypto, and over time, NEVER have to worry about retirement, savings, or even monthly income again.

    Get This Deal Before the Beta Test Ends and the Price Goes Up

    (Today Only $2,497 $1,497)

    Join The Revolution

    Let's hear what members have to say...

    “As a solopreneur, I've come to realize the importance of financial freedom. Crypto is one of the best avenues for that. Unfortunately the majority benefiting from it are men. Natalie's dedicating herself to moving the needle forward for women in crypto and it's truly commendable. She's delivered significant, sustainable education and returns for CryptoFemme members.”

    Sam Vi

    CryptoFemme Member

    "Natalie has created a safe space for all women in crypto. She is offering the resources and community necessary for women to invest wisely. And, with her unparalleled research and insight, I’m confident in her abilities and would strongly recommend mentorship with her and the CryptoFemme organization!"

    Page Whalen

    CryptoFemme Member

    "Crypto's a world that moves fast with many opportunities. Natalie cuts through the noise. She shares her gifts generously in a real heart-centered way. She brings the feminine flow to a masculine, fast paced culture. You will not feel left behind. She will be your guide to becoming a better investor, not only in crypto but your relationships and life. I am grateful for her wisdom."

    Mel Perry

    CryptoFemme Member

    About Your Mentor

    Do you find crypto overwhelming? Do you want to learn about it but aren't sure where to start, or who to listen to? Have you lost money investing in a crypto that you knew nothing about because your best guy friend recommended it to you? I created a program and organization that solves all of these problems and more for women in crypto...

    My name is Natalie, and I'm the founder of CryptoFemme DAO. My mission is to create a decentralized, co-operative movement of women in crypto. CryptoFemme DAO offers members access to education that caters to women of all experience levels in crypto. By leveraging this access to mentorship and support, my goal is to personally empower one million women to become — Not only successful crypto investors — But the next generation of movers and shakers in the blockchain space.

    Because the future is female, and crypto is the future.

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